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Community Information

Bayfield General History

Originally called Little River, the name was changed to Bayfield in 1864 in honour of Henry W. Bayfield, an English naval officer who surveyed and charted coastal locations in Nova Scotia. The river supplied the power for a grist mill, saw mill and carding mill. Gradually the importance of shipping farm produce to Newfoundland increased and the Little River Pier Company constructed the first wharf. Anglican and Methodist churches were added to the community. In 1815 the first school was opened; Aylward Taylor was the schoolmaster. A post office opened in 1852, and a customs office was built and was operated by Edward Randall. By 1900 the local fishery was of great economic importance and it eventually replaced the shipment of farm produce.


A booming shipping trade was run out of Bayfield Wharf in the mid 1800s. One important activity was the shipment of cattle to Newfoundland. Produce was also transported - vegetables, grain, butter, lumber and socket stones, which were used in cemeteries as a base for headstones. One well known sea captain from the area was Captain James Keay. He took shiploads of fish to the West Indies, and on his return brought back such things as sugar, molasses and rum. Ships owned by James Randall, his son Elisha William, and later C.B. Whidden sailed out of Bayfield to Newfoundland, Boston and the West Indies.

Pomquet Island Lighthouse


The first Pomquet Island Lighthouse was built in 1868 and consisted of a square tower 23 feet tall. In 1910 a combined lighthouse and dwelling was established. This lighthouse was 34 feet in height. The present structure, which is automated, was built in 1959. It has a white, square pyramidal tower with a square lantern and galley. The light gives a white flash every four seconds and is visible for six nautical miles. The lighthouse keepers were: John Atwater, A. Chisholm, Colin Chisholm, Michael Murphy, Jack Henderson, and George Millar.

The Lobster Fishery

For many years the lobster fishery has been of great importance in Bayfield. In 1929 a lobster cannery run by Tuttle King began operation on the Bayfield side of the channel between Bayfield and Pomquet. At about the same time Fred Irving opened a cannery near the wharf. In 1972 George Green constructed a lobster pound and began purchasing lobsters from fishermen. A new breakwater was completed in 1989, providing much better protection to the wharf and boats than its predecessor. In 2003 a new wharf was built with a floating dock and slipway, which provided more convenience for boat owners.